Our attitude of adapting new technologies has given lots of insights to understand publishers and content publishing requirements effectively. To maximize the content portability, our standby R&D team always adapts open-standards and introduces ready-made solutions in processes.

eBook Solutions

We transform any form of content into the following digital product.

  • image Kindle-mobi
  • image ePub2 & ePub3
    • image Building Mathml out of equations
    • image Interactive Scripts
    • image Media assets
  • image Fixed Layout
  • image Enhanced ePub
Apps Development

Our development and graphics team develops future-rich "Apps" for Android & iOS platforms.

  • image Hybrid - Developing native functions of hand-held device platforms and the power of HTML5, Javascript and CSS.
  • image Native - Specific apps development towards Android & iOS platforms.
  • image Cross-platform - Developing apps using HTML5, Javasript and CSS.
Interactive Media Development

In general terms interactive media design is developing any form of media that requires user input to work. Our Interactive Media development solution includes Interactive PDFs, Interactive Apps for Kids and Assessments methods, 2D Animation and Visualizations.